Let your Bitcoin grow

... it is safe with us and generates you profit!



Purchase and rent of Bitcoin

Purchase your Bitcoin comfortably, rent it to us and it will instantly generate you a profit ready to be paid out...

Simply buy Bitcoins from us. You can transfer them to your wallet, rent it to us and let your capital grow every day. We will pay you off at any time requested. Your Bitcoins respond with the current exchange rate and still generate profit from the rental. You are at a market wave, and still receiving the interest.

... other benefits of BitRentEx

The platform is multifunctional and allows its users to work on multiple levels with their Bitcoins.

Your Bitcoins are safe with us from hacker attacks so you don't have to worry about its holding and safekeeping. It can be also converted between different user accounts, so you can pay with it to someone you know. You can easily buy it through your bank account and payment of current values, including the interest, also proceeds to a bank account.

Current exchange rate USD/Bitcoin

1 BTC = 0 USD



  • Bitcoin via API

    Bitcoin is diversified into secure world's stock exchanges including Bitmex, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, where it is traded through API by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning so that at any time it generates profit movements on the market...

  • AI and machine learning

    Our unique robot simply works on a moving parabolic average of volatility, entering and exiting the market in such ranges to generate a daily profit of about one percentage point from its portfolio...

  • Money management

    The robot's algorithm is fully automatic and it learns continuously, so we can pay you a guaranteed interest rate, which is independent of market fluctuations.

What it can do


Protection and safety

BitRentEx can safely store and protect your Bitcoins from all attacks by hackers.

Cold wallet

The platform is based on the principle of a cool wallet - off the Internet, where only the robot trades on stock exchanges.

Responsive design

The entire project is user-friendly on all devices, so you can manage it even from your mobile device.


BitRentEx only works with the US dollar, so the purchase, rent and everything are kept in USD. It makes keeping track of the value of your funds simple.

Buy more of BTC

You can buy more Bitcoins whenever you want and top up your account so it works for you and generates profit from the rent to cover your needs.

Exchange BTC/USD

BitRentEx also works as an exchange office, but primarily for users who want to rent their Bitcoins.


Test cases

The current case considers a deposit of 100 USD and an average daily interest rate of 0.33 % In one year, your net profit would be 120 USD. Plus, your initial deposit of 100 USD for a total return on capital of 220 USD.


They say about us

Michael Donnester


BitRentEx is a unique opportunity in the world of finance, where I can multiply my funds and cash out on my dividends at any time.

Ilana Posada


As a student, I want to have a solid source of income to pay for my studies and BitRentEx allows me to monitor my savings and to withdraw them anytime.

Samay Hassan


I enjoy modern technology. However, I do not have time to be online making trades in the stock market. BitRentEx allows me to stay ahead of the market and still make money.

Alexey Vorasov


I was looking for a secure passive income and found BitRentEx. I am paid monthly from the rent and am quite pleased with how much I’m making.


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